Marriage in Motion is an online marriage training course that teaches the science of successful relationships. In this online course you’ll acquire the insights and develop the skills necessary to elevate the trajectory of your relationship... without the time and cost of traditional therapy.

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    Zach and Laura have been trained extensively by world renowned relationship expert Dr. John Gottman and The Gottman Institute. Zach is a Gottman Certified Therapist and Laura a Master Trainer of the Seven Principles as detailed in Gottman’s NYT #1 best-seller The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.

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    Our insights, coaching, and skill-building exercises are NOT based on personal opinion or theory. Our advice is backed by the science of successful relationships.

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    Knowledge without action is worthless. The action we encourage is incremental and intentional. Small wins are vital in shaping your behavior that will take you from where you are to where you want to be. Small wins give hope, build confidence, and create momentum. Small wins will convince you that larger accomplishments are achievable.

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    This is your chance to work with leading therapists without the hassles of scheduling, travel times, child care expenses, or costly session fees. You decide where, when, and how to consume our relationship transforming content.

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    We have the scientific data to support our training. We know precisely what behaviors are relationship-building and which behaviors are relationship-diminishing. If you watch the videos, do the exercises, and follow our process – you will absolutely, positively begin to transform your marriage. If you don’t agree we’ll happily refund 100% of your money.

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    Your training materials are yours forever. Plus, you can revisit any of the content at anytime. In addition, you have ongoing free access to any new material we add to MARRIAGE in MOTION.


IRA & ANDREA -- “What a wonderful way to proactively spend time together without the expense of therapy. The content of MARRIAGE in MOTION is incredibly rich. It is my hope that you develop the killer marriage platform that changes the course of marriages for generations to come.”

KARIANNE & JASON -- “This course has been gold to us. We've always thought we had a pretty good marriage. We wanted better, but didn't know how to get there. Until we were introduced to MARRIAGE in MOTION. You gave us practical insights so that we could get small wins…every…single…day. You’ve helped make this marriage better."
CHARLIE & JEN -- "MARRIAGE in MOTION is filled with wisdom. The insight we discovered last night was about trust. For some reason I’ve always thought of trust as an absolute – either intact or broken. But seeing trust between partners as a bank account, where our behaviors are either deposits (trust-building) or withdrawals (trust-diminishing)... was eye-opening."
JILL & JOHN -- "Think of it. We live in a different hemisphere than Zach and Laura. Still, they faithfully meet us in our home – every single week – at a time of our choosing. They are engaging, easy to follow, and willing to move at our pace. And it’s working! We’re building a stronger marriage. We’re enjoying a closer connection. We’re so grateful for this opportunity!"
VANESSA & DAVID -- "A pain-point we’d been struggling with for years was identified, addressed, and resolved... even before the end of the first lesson. Now, it's easier to share our thoughts and emotions honestly, to be more vulnerable, and to elevate “understanding” above “winning”. This "ah-ha” led to forgiveness, healing and a brighter future for our family!"
MARY & JONAS -- "We’re learning so much about ourselves, where we are in our relationship, and why. You can't put a price on that!"
ANONYMOUS -- "We have an amazing marriage, but over the years we've struggled with the frequency of our love-making. The sex we share is fulfilling, but we’ve just never found an effective or safe way to communicate very well about our differences about frequency. Until now! You've enabled us to have courageous conversations about asking, accepting, or declining sex. You have no idea what this breakthrough means to both of us. Thank you!"


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    Marriage in Motion is an eight-week, online marriage training course that will give you empirically proven, actionable help to transform your marriage.

    Once enrolled, you’ll have access to the entire course in a private, members-only website. Each lesson has an Activity Sheet with recaps, discovery questions, exercises, and encouragement for next-step actions.

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    Each Module will include videos, audio, and pdf transcripts of each lesson.

    You can go through the content at your own pace, and in your own learning-style.

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    After you’ve completed MARRIAGE in MOTION, you will have lifetime access to all of the content so you can come back and review anytime.


  • MARRIAGE in MOTION IS right for you if:

    • You want a deeper more meaningful connection with your partner.
    • You’re aware you need help but haven’t known where to turn.
    • You didn’t sign up for a roommate – you want a soulmate.
    • You’re holding out hope to keep your marriage and family together.
    • You’re concerned where your marriage will be next year given it’s current trajectory.
    • You’re ready to gain the insights and skills common to all successful relationships.
    • Your marriage is good – but you want great.
  • MARRIAGE in MOTION is NOT right for you if:

    • You’re not willing to devote any time, energy, study, or money into the transformation of your marriage.
    • You’re convinced your partner is 100% to blame for all the challenges in your marriage.
    • You’ve concluded the marriage is already over. You’re just waiting for the right exit opportunity.
    • You are actively at-risk in an abusive relationship.
Let's face it. In theory it's pretty easy to "get married". You need a marriage license, an official, and a witness.

But it's an entirely different thing altogether to build a thriving, connected marriage that lasts a lifetime.

MARRIAGE in MOTION is a four-module, 16-lesson course based not on theory or opinion, but on actual empirical research of what thriving, connected, lasting relationships are made of.

The insights you will encounter and the skills you will develop in MARRIAGE in MOTION will lead to less conflict, closer connection, and greater intimacy. Here is an outline of the course:

    Designed to get you moving out of confusion, hurt, and/or complacency.
  • Lesson #1:  Getting ‘unstuck’ begins with a commitment to start moving.

    Lesson #2: It’s time to take personal response-“ability” for what you can control and influence.

    Lesson #3: Defining intimacy. It’s so much more than sex.

    Lesson #4: Emotional intelligence can be learned, and is essential to a lasting marriage.

    Designed to get you moving through conflict.
  • Lesson #5: Not all conflict is created equally. Understanding the difference between problems you solve and tensions you’ll need to continue managing changes everything.

    Lesson #6: Let’s repair that: How conflict is an opportunity for connection and partnership.

    Lesson #7: Conflict is a door to empathy… and empathy is the secret to creating profound connection.

    Lesson #8: The art of compromise is not about meeting in the middle.

    Designed to get you moving toward daily intimacy.
  • Lesson #9: Small wins create big change over time.

    Lesson #10: Friendship is the foundation of every healthy marriage.

    Lesson #11: The most intimate marriage isn’t confined to the bedroom.

    Lesson #12: How to cultivate an epic friendship.

    Designed to get your moving toward a future of shared meaning and connection.
  • Lesson #13: Your routines and rituals will determine your direction.

    Lesson #14: You’ll need a map to get you to your desired location. Most marriages don’t have one. We’ll help you create one.

    Lesson #15: Be intentional about your future together. Define your dream, and live into it.

    Lesson #16: Two words to keep your MARRIAGE in MOTION.


How much improvement do you want to see in your marriage? As in anything, the more you put into the course, the more you’ll get out. We recommend 30-60 minutes for each lesson – to watch the video, engage the activity sheet, plus leave margin for meaningful conversation with your partner. Couples who complete 1-2 lessons each week report the greatest progress.
You can purchase MARRIAGE in MOTION as a Self Study Track ($397 USD), or a Personalized Track ($497 USD).

See below exactly what’s included in each track.

In a word, yes. As a client, you’ll have private email access to Laura through Info@forbetter.us. You’ll also have random access through our private Facebook page, Facebook Live, and select Monthly Office Hours calls.

Furthermore, if you choose the Personalized Track, you’ll 1) complete a private and confidential online intake form, and 2) have a private follow up call with either Zach or Laura.

In this 2-step process, together we identify the #1 challenge in your marriage AND the outcome you most desire. These two insights equip Zach/Laura to pin-point particular course content & concepts you’ll want to focus on to give your marriage the greatest lift.

We get it. Life gets busy. Still you don’t have to worry about missing out on any core content because you get lifetime access to MARRIAGE in MOTION.

You can never fall behind. Learn at your own pace and at your own convenience as the training materials will be there for you as long as you need them.

Our content is NOT based on therapeutic opinion but on 40 years of scientific research conducted by globally acclaimed relationship expert Dr. John Gottman. Gottman has been able to identify the top six predictors of divorce (with 94% accuracy); as well as the seven principles for making marriage work.

Zach and Laura are not only fans but also next generation colleagues of Dr. Gottman and alums of The Gottman Institute. Zach is a Gottman Certified Therapist, Laura a Gottman Master Trainer.

In addition to our deep understanding of the Gottman Method, Zach and Laura have thousands of hours of private practice experience. It is from this deep well of understanding we collaborated to create MARRIAGE in MOTION.

Yes, however, the MARRIAGE in MOTION curriculum is carefully designed so that you complete each Module and the corresponding Next Step Action, in order.

Everything has been designed to maximize your results and long-term success.

We suggest you complete the full MARRIAGE in MOTION program, after which you can re-visit the Modules in any order you like, at any time, with your lifetime access to the program.

Ideally, we’d love to have two enthusiastic partners sharing this experience together.

Realistically, that doesn’t always happen. Often, it starts with one spouse being more motivated than their mate. One partner concludes, “I don’t want to settle. I want more for/from this marriage. What new insights, awarenesses, tools, skills might I bring to my marriage to make a difference?”

First comes the learning. Then the application. Followed by the a-ha’s. These begin to draw the other partner in. “I can’t put my finger on it, but something’s different. Better.” This is a common pathway to full engagement from your partner and the start of real and lasting transformation.

With lifetime access to MARRIAGE in MOTION, the curriculum will be available to your spouse whenever they’re ready to fully engage.

Absolutely. MARRIAGE in MOTION would be an ideal form of pre-marriage training. The course will set the foundation for success – and be available for lifetime access as a reference for future guidance.
The fundamental insights and skill building activities in MARRIAGE in MOTION are vital to every rewarding relationship. So it’s NEVER too late to learn and apply the methods we teach.

Let me also offer additional perspective. In my private practice, I’ve seen the most toxic of relationships turned around and restored – when both partners are motivated to change. I’ve also seen modestly dysfunctional relationships crash and burn. Why? Both partners give up on the marriage and one another.

Bottom line, as long as one partner is engaged and committed, nothing is impossible. The insights and skills we teach have the ability to transform the trajectory of any marriage.

The short answer is no. Here’s why. There are countless couples struggling in their marriages around the globe. It’s our desire to help as many of these couples as possible. Just as gravity has the same impact on everyone – regardless of their faith, or nationality, or color, or political persuasion, or orientation – so too the science of successful relationships has the same impact on everyone. Certain behaviors are relationship building (e.g. demonstrating appreciation). Other behaviors are relationship diminishing (e.g. displaying contempt). It is this science of successful relationships with which we seek to serve all couples.
MARRIAGE in MOTION is an individual purchase program. Upon registration you will receive one username, password, and member profile for you and your spouse to share.

We’ll be sending lesson recaps and helpful hints throughout the course. If you prefer to forward each email to your spouse, great. Or, we can handle that for you if you contact us and let us know.

Providing your username and password to a third party for access to MARRIAGE in MOTION is forbidden and grounds for immediately canceling your account without further access to the course curriculum or eligibility for refund.

Trust us. With our private practices in Seattle (Zach) and Salt Lake City (Laura), both of us believe in the value of face-to-face counseling with couples.

Still, of marriages that divorce before their 10th anniversary, approximately 70% quit without ever getting professional help. Of the remaining 30% that do, they average only two visits.

The challenges couples have with traditional therapy include:
Cost: Typically $150-$200 per 55-minute session + travel expense + child care cost + time away from work
Connection: Real progress requires a quality connection between therapist and couple
Calendar: Add travel times and you likely need to find minimum blocks of 2-3 hours/session
Scheduling: Matching your opening with the therapists + arranging child care
Progress: Being successful in identifying ONE win in every session.

These are just some of the reasons we’ve created MARRIAGE in MOTION: To bring the essential insights and skills to countless couples who otherwise would go without, in the privacy of their own home, at a tiny fraction of the cost, with guaranteed results.

24/365. But seriously, if you’re reading this line, you’ve scoured our site. And that means you’re searching for a solution. There’s no better time than today to begin investing in the future of your marriage.
Yes, we have a 100% unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

We’re only here to serve the customers we are well suited for. We firmly stand behind the integrity and value of MARRIAGE in MOTION and our reputation as leading therapists.

We have the scientific data to support our training. We know precisely what behaviors are relationship-building and which behaviors are relationship-diminishing. If you watch the videos, do the exercises, and follow our process – you will absolutely, positively begin to transform your marriage. If you don’t agree we’ll happily refund 100% of your money.


When the course is complete, and you've done the work, then:

  • You’ll be done wondering if you’ll make it. You’re now fully re-committed to this marriage.
  • You will think of your partner more often – now with more positivity and appreciation.
  • You’ll feel heard, truly understood, respected, and accepted – even when you see things differently.
  • The days of cold shoulder have been replaced with quicker repair and recovery.
  • You will have no more desire to leave a day early for your business trips.
  • The nervous tension between you and your mate is gone.
  • Being married to your best friend finally makes sense.



  • 4 Core MARRIAGE in MOTION Modules
  • Activity Sheets for all 16 Lessons
  • Videos, Transcripts, MP3’s of all 16 Lessons
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30-Day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee
  • Email Access to Zach and/or Laura during the 8-week Course



  • 4 Core MARRIAGE in MOTION Modules
  • Activity Sheets for all 16 Lessons
  • Videos, Transcripts, MP3’s of all 16 Lessons
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30-Day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee
  • Email Access to Zach and/or Laura during the 8-week Course
  • Confidential Online Intake Assessment
  • Private 20-minute Intake Follow-up Call with Zach or Laura

Where will your marriage be a year from now if you do nothing? Will your challenges magically go away, or will they be amplified?

Where will your marriage be a year from now by enrolling in MARRIAGE in MOTION? Will the trajectory of your marriage be elevated a little or a lot? What would that be worth to you?

Remember, a great marriage, a deep and meaningful connection with your partner – it’s learned, and it’s earned.

It’s now your move!