OUR PASSION is the health and continued growth of every marriage.

OUR BELIEF is that every couple can elevate the trajectory of their relationship by following our proven success path.

OUR METHOD is grounded in science, research, and empirically proven content. Our therapists have compiled the essential insights and created the skill building exercises to help you integrate relationship enhancing habits and eliminate destructive patterns at play.

OUR TEACHING and coaching is authentic, encouraging, practical, proven, and when practiced… transformative.

OUR MOTIVATION is to equip and empower. We’re compelled to provide solutions to couples who are needlessly struggling, lonely, frustrated, disconnected… or, unless they take corrective action, on a collision course with divorce. Our heart is to help, restore hope, healing, and health. The statistics are staggering:

  • Half of all divorce occurs before the 8th wedding anniversary.
  • The highest rate of divorce occurs in the 4th year of marriage.
  • 70% of these couples divorce without seeking professional help.

We are compelled to reach couples earlier. They need to know they’re “normal”. Not “broken”. That the challenges and conflicts they face can be a context for an even stronger marriage than anything they can currently imagine.

OUR VISION is to leverage the talents of skilled therapists to be an online alternative to traditional therapy. By providing our content, on demand, at a small fraction of the cost, we will reach and serve committed couples who want to better their marriage.

OUR MISSION is to transform marriages by sharing the science of successful relationships.

OUR FOUNDERS are Zach Brittle, Laura Heck, Sean Dimond, and Charles Rutherford.

OUR COMPANY is a limited liability company (LLC) based in St. Paul, MN with offices in Seattle, WA and Salt Lake City, UT.

OUR PROMISE is a risk free 100% money back guarantee on all of our paid programs.

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